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business men making a puzzle
business men making a puzzle

As part of its comprehensive scope of supply, ABB is also providing a steam turbine governor, a turbine rotor stress evaluator, water and wastewater treatment control, soot blower, polishing systems and new instrumentation.

ABB is also responsible for design, engineering, manufacturing, dismantling, installation, commissioning and training, including studies for combustion optimization.

Franz- Josef Mengede

Head of ABB Power Generation

Dear Reader,

As you may already have noticed, this issue of In Control is a ‘special edition’ in the true sense of the word. It is dedicated not only to one particular theme defining great plant performance – but also to the much-anticipated release of our total automation solution for the power and water industries, SymphonyTM Plus.

Symphony Plus is the new generation of ABB’s widely acclaimed Symphony family of distributed control systems the world’s most widely used DCS in the power generation and water industries. In all, there are more than 6,000 Symphony DCS installations in operation all over the world, more than 4,000 of which are in power and water applications.

No other automation platform has such a long field record and large installed base in power and water as Symphony.

For more than 30 years, ABB has evolved the Symphony family, ensuring that each new generation enhances its predecessors and is backwardly compatible with them – all in accordance with our long-held policy of ‘Evolution without obsolescence.’

This policy is unique in the automation world, in terms of its scope and longevity. It is based on the acknowledgement that when a customer invests in Symphony, their investment is not only in hardware and software, but in the intellectual capital of their personnel as well. Over the years, plant operators and engineers build up a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the automation system that they use every day to control the plant and the production process. ABB protects that investment by continuously evolving and enhancing the Symphony platform.

Evolution and enhancement comes in many forms. ABB is continuously developing new products, new technologies and new functionalities, which are integrated into the Symphony platform to keep it firmly and consistently on the leading edge. Customers can add these products and technologies incrementally or upgrade the platform periodically, whichever suits them best. Their past investments are protected, and system compatibility with future technologies is assured.

The beauty of this concept for our customers is that the control system never becomes obsolete. They evolve the system as their needs and requirements change. There is no ‘rip-and-replace,’ risk is minimal and the total cost of ownership is the lowest possible.

With Symphony Plus, ABB is taking the Symphony success story to the next level. Like all its predecessors, Symphony Plus is designed to meet the requirements of plant owners in all geographic markets and in all types of power generation and water treatment. It meets the performance objectives of its various users – in maintenance and operations, engineering, IT and management. And it addresses all the key focus areas of the power and water industries – electrical integration, operator effectiveness, plant life extension, optimization, integration of renewables, and the enabling of smarter grids.

It accomplishes this through simple, scalable, seamless, secure automation.

In this edition of In Control, we invite you to take a closer look at Symphony Plus. We briefly present some of its key attributes and capabilities, before illustrating some of the most recent successes of the Symphony platform across all regions of the world.

Kindest regards,

Franz-Josef Mengede


Head of ABB Power Generation