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Waste Heat Recovery & Co-generation Applications Absorption chillers are ideal for waste heat recovery & co-generation applications utilizing any heat source that could be excess from any industry in the form of steam or hot water which improves the overall efficiency and cuts down the system’s running cost.


Maintenance Free

Having minimal moving parts also contributes to significantly decrease the operation & maintenance cost of absorption chillers.


High Reliability for Various Applications

Absorption chillers are the ideal energy solution for hotels and administration buildings as they cut down in the electricity consumption and thus facilities can avoid peak demand charges in addition to coping with the international directions of going green and providing Eco-friendly solutions.


Due to minimal moving parts, a significant reduction in noise and vibration is a remarkable added value for such applications, in addition to the space flexibility of indoors or outdoors installation.


Renewable HVAC Solution

Absorption systems are an ideal solution for “Solar Cooling” applications.

Simple Solar Heating Systems (Flat Collectors, Concentrated Solar Power-CSP, ….. etc) can be easily utilized to heat-up hot water and/or steam media so as to operate Absorption chillers and get the demanded cooling capacity for various applications through “Renewable-Solar Cooling Configuration” .



Cost of electricity is the major share in the total operating cost of any commercial enterprise, with (not less than 40%) for HVAC systems.

Not only but also the reduced electrical power Availability and Quality concern along with the international trend of going Green necessitates the need for efficient and innovative techniques.

“Absorption Technology” is considered one of the best practices worldwide for energy saving in HVAC applications. Absorption Cycle • Theory of operation

Unlike Conventional Electrical Driven Chillers, Heat Energy is the driving source of the Absorption technology.

There are different types of Absorption Chillers such as: (Direct Fired Chillers) that operate through direct combustion of fuel as (Natural gas and/or Diesel), (Waste Heat Recovery Chillers) utilizing any available or surplus heat energy whether in the form of: (Hot Water, Steam, and Exhaust Gases) and thus the absorption chillers cycle highly contributes in saving electricity consumption with (at least, 40%) less than the Conventional Electrical chillers through replacing the “Mechanical compressor” of the Conventional Vapor Compression cycle with “Vapor Chemical Compression Arrangement” as per the bellow cycle.


The Evaporator allows the refrigerant (Pure Hp under severe vacuum) to evaporate, then to be absorbed by the Absorbent (Lithium Bromide Concentrated Solution).


The Diluted Solution is pumped to the Generator, which is heated by an external source (Direct Fired, Steam, Hot water, Exhaust) driving the refrigerant back out of the absorbent.


The refrigerant then goes to the Condenser to be cooled back down, as a liquid, to the Evaporator, while the absorbent is sprayed back to the

Absorber and the cycle repeats. Absorption Technology – Contributions


Besides the Electrical Energy saving in the Absorption system, Absorption Technology has several technical & environmental contributions to improve the HVAC system thanks to:


High Efficiency & lifetime

Continuous research and development led by Japanese manufacturers remains the reason behind continuous improvement of the system performance and life time through;

  • Multiple Stage Absorption Cycle (two, three, four stages)
  • Parallel flow, two stage water tube generator
  • Heavy duty continuous operation up to 8000 hrs/yr exceeding life time of 25 years

Eco-Friendly Solution

The absorbent solution used is Lithium Bromide and Pure Water, adding another value to absorption chillers as an Eco-friendly solution